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I am applying to both FIU and Broward College for nursing. I have to take the HESI A2 pre-entrance exam for both schools and they both require for the same topics in the test math,reading etc.. However, if i take the test in... Read More

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    omg dont you think thats a lot?... i personally think that in my case i couldnt do it.. way too much plus work and all the material that you have to study.. way to much lol.. anyways if you are committed to.. why not right.. give it a try and i know that you will do great. good luck and keep in touch.. send me a private message in case you need something for a class that you might be taking soon.. such as anatomy or any

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    Thanks a lot, will def keep that in mind
    It is a lot, but I don't work and don't have family to take care of. School is all I have to focus on.
    Plus, some of the classes shouldn't be too bad. I'm going to take ENC1102 with the same prof I had for ENC1101 (easiest thing in the world). I'm also taking sociology, human growth and development, and theatre (all of them are good profs according to rate my professor). Then, I'm taking Anatomy 2 (awesome prof for lecture/lab professor seems ok). Finally taking Microbiology (great lab prof/not sure about the lecture prof).
    So, at MDC, anatomy lab and micro lecture SHOULD be my only HARD classes. Then, the counselor at FIU told me the COM class is a joke. Last, the NUR class - I'm not sure.
    But, Jesus is my Strengeth, and I'll let you know how it goes X]
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    well now you r talking.. lol you dont work so thats is easier for you... i have to work... because i need to help my mom.. but i am doing great in classes... i am happy for you and now i feel better since you said that classes at fiu were easier keep in touch
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    sure will =)
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    I have a question how look it took to know if you were accepted in the university..(FIU) i applied last week and i checked my page thing and nothing .. after you submit everything and pay the money.. do you have to do something else?.. or you just need to wait?
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    Do you have your panther ID yet? If not, you may need to look it up (or maybe wait a bit more since you just applied last week).
    If you do have it, or once you do, just log onto FIU (under "My FIU" link). Log in with your panther ID and password. Then, scroll down the page. At the bottom, it should show a box that has three symbols. A yellow yield sign, a green circle, and a green check mark. Right now, mine shows a green circle (for complete).
    Since my application is completed before Dec. 1st, I'll find out if I was accepted or not by Jan. 16th. At that point, I guess they would send me mail, an email, and I would be able to log and see a green check mark if I'm accepted.
    If depends on your situation. If yours in complete before Dec. 1st, you can find out by Jan. 16 like me. If later, you'll find out a later date. (You can look up the exact dates on FIU web site somewhere).
    All I had to send in were my application (with the $30 fee) and my transcripts. After that, I was done. You may need something I didn't need, but that depends on you. When you can, just log on with your panther ID and check to see which icon is next to your application status.
    Hope that helps!
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    I checked mine and says INCOMPLETE.. i was checking all that you told me and i have to download some paper such as proof of residency, my parents id , registration , sat and act all that.. NOW i want to know if those forms have to be send by mail or we can submit them in any place here.. i am lost i dont really know how to do this application i will seek for help on monday
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    The only thing that you did was the online application with question that they ask there.. plus the 30 dollars fee?.. or did you sent some other papers
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    I submitted my application plus the $30 fee. I had my SAT/ACT scores sent directly to them when I took them (they only accept them directly from the actual SAT/ACT - you can't submit them yourself) months ago. Also, I had my highschool and college transcripts sent directly to them. I got to email my birth certificate to FIU. I'm not sure if you would be able to do that along with your parent's ID/proof of residency. Hope they help you out on Monday!
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    does the hesi test students on medical terminology?

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