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Anyone planning to apply to LSC fall of 2012? If so can you tell me how many points you have. I have 11.1 trying to decide if I want to re-take HESI or not....... Read More

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    I felt free to ask questions, but it seems as though you are not free to answer. So can anyone report on whether working part-time during the program can be done and still be successful in the program???

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    I apologize. I have friends that have part time jobs. Sorry so late :-( Are u at north harris?
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    yes the 1st couple of weeks, u will have many labs to attend. This is for North Harris though....not sure about the other locations.
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    I can only imagine that you have been super busy with school. Thanks for your reply. I was accepted to Tomball, which has the same kind of integrated approach to nursing that North Harris does. The instructor tha tI had for pharm is a second year nursing instructor, I spoke with her before the end of the semester. She was very encouraging and recommended getting a job as a PTC while in the program. Thanks once again for your reply.

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