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Exit hesi pn

  1. 0 Has anyone used the study guide for the hesi pn exit exam??!! Please tell me how it helped you! I just failed mine for the 2nd time! I'm so distraught right now
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    I am in the same boat..
    Worried to death and wondering how n where to study! I have failed twice n have 1 more chance to redo the exam in about two weeks.
    I have the HESI review book and Saunders. I have reviewed my weak areas as per evolve remediation.
    Our sch requirement is 850. First time i got 825 and 2nd time I scored 843. I know that one of my weakest areas is changing the answers...
    Hoping and working towards a <850 ..
    Good luck in your preparation!
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    I used the Saunder's NCLEX-RN book and focused on delegation so that I was secure in the PN's role. I knew exactly what could be delegated to the PN and who the PN would report to etc. Work on NCLEX questions every day. I started with just 5-10 a day when I started my program and just continue doing them, reading the rationales even when I was correct.

    I passed mine with 1105 the first try. But the key is to just really know your stuff and I find that NOT changing answers and being confident in my choice helps as well.
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    Has anyone taken the RN hesi exit version 3? Please any tips will be greatful! I failed the v1 and I was unable to graduate ...I retest in a week so please help!! normahenry@bellsouth.net