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cant pass hesi

  1. 0 hey guys. i posted a while ago. and i still havent passed the hesi. ive taken it 5 times already. n my closest is 820. i need a 900 to pass. i have 2 more chances to pass or else i spend another year in school. i was wondering if there are decent job opportunities for some1 like me that has nursing clinical exp but no degree/license for something thats related to nursing i guess. is my best bet to be a clerk or secretary?
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    What part are you having trouble with? There are many different sections of the Hesi and not all schools require you to take the same ones. At my school we have to take Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary/General Knowledge, Grammar, Math, A&P, and Critical Thinking. We have to score 75% on EACH section in order to apply.

    Give us a little more info and maybe we can help you
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    its my exit hesi. ive been done w nursing school. i just cant seem to climb my last 2 obstacles - exit hesi then the nclex. i feel that even though i really study. there are still many things on the exam ive never seen/heard of b4.
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    You've got to get a tutor and FAST. This is your life, and you must take control of it. You've worked long and hard to come this far and you can't give up now. Since you've already taken the test several times, you KNOW what to expect, now you just have to prepare for it.

    Schools want to claim a high passing rate, so it's in their best interest for you to pass. Go to them and ask for HELP. Did you have a favorite instructor? Ask that instructor to work with you. Will they let you take old tests over again for practice?

    Get several NCLEX books and practice taking the exams, over and over again. The only way you will feel comfortable is by knowing the material. You learn the material by repetition, by undstanding the concepts and by being able to apply those concepts to nursing situations.

    You can do it. You have 2 more chances, but you only need 1 !!! Good luck
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    thanks im really trying. ive tried looking for a tutor but i havent found 1 thats good with hesi. nclex yes but unsure of hesi. but i am trying. i have a couple books. rite now im using lippincotts q & a and also
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    another allnurses member hosts this site. it's filled with tons of info. i think it even has a practice exit hesi exam. take a look.
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    thanks but thats a2. i dont think its related to my exit hesi. thanks tho
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    What versions have you taken?
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    what is your email address
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    contact ur school asap!
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    what hesi version have you taken ?