Anyrecent HESI Exam Test-Takers in the year 2012?

  1. [color="#0000ff"]has anyone taken a hesi exam recently in 2012 that consisted of a&p, math, reading, grammar, or vocabulary? how was it on each section? difficult?easy? was the hesi entrance exam study guide any help?
    i'm a pre-nursing student at the university of louisiana at monroe (ulm) and i will be applying for the spring 2013 semester this fall. pray for me, please. :0(
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  3. by   Hkroeck
    I took it in 2011. My school was getting ready to start using it for their entrance exam in place of the PSB so they decided to test it out on the graduating LPN class as an exit exam first. Its extremely long, and honestly I thought it was pretty hard compared to the entrance exam I had taken. I'm not sure if I took the same Hesi that you will be taking, but my advice would definitely be to study and be as prepared as possible. Good luck!
  4. by   Nursegrantphi
    Quote from mariaberry19
    Has anyone taken a HESI Exam recently in 2012 that consisted of A&P, Math, Reading, Grammar, or Vocabulary? How was it on each section? Difficult?Easy? Was the HESI Entrance Exam Study Guide any help?
    I'm a pre-nursing student at the University of Louisiana at Monroe (ULM) and I will be applying for the Spring 2013 semester this fall. Pray for me, please. :0(
    I just took the hesi exam two days ago. I only took the english, math,vocabulary and reading. I would say it was overall easy. I studied a lot for the math and vocabulary. As long as you know the mechanics/basics well , you'll do fine. The hesi a2 practice exam book was very helpful to me, also quizlet for vocabulary.
  5. by   mariaberry19
    Thank you so much for your insight and suggestions. I took the Hesi A2 and mad an 89.8 on it. My hardest subjects (surprisingly) was the Reading and Vocabulary. The reading consisted mostly of questions where you have to figure out what the author is implying, which I hate! But overall it was easy. Math/Science/English I did the best.
  6. by   aprillove23
    what kind of math what do you recommend studing ?
  7. by   mariaberry19
    Basic math, Fractions, percentages, variables(algebra-a little), rations and proportions (a lot). Math was THE easiest!