Any recommendations on books to use to study for the AP portion of the HESI?

  1. 0 I spoke to an adviser at my school today and I was feeling discouraged about getting in to the nursing program. I feel like my only hope is to do extremely well on the HESI. It has been years since I have taken anatomy, physiology, and biology. And I don't have any of the notes or books. What would you recommend I study? I've read reviews of the study guide on amazon and it sounds like the AP section is lacking. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
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    I have taken the HESI twice now and have scored 100% on every portion except the A&P. I keep missing it by one or two questions! I too am feeling discouraged about getting into the program! I have the evolve reach study book which is very lacking in the A&P department so I bought Barrons A&P flash cards and I think im going to also buy another A&P study book from Amazon. I take my third attempt at the exam in September. The only advice that I have is to make sure you know the hormones, where they are produced, and what they do. Also the gradients and transport information is a big part of that section in my experiences. Good luck and go in with a positive attitude because youre going to need it to stay focused!
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    The nursing program that I'm applying to gives us an exam criteria worksheet that breaks down the exam into sections. Ours has Chemistry, Biology, Vocab & General Knowledge, Reading Comprehension, Grammar, Math, and Critical Thinking. There isn't an A&P section, so I'm assuming that what topics are included on the HESI Admissions Exam is different from school to school. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    The program also recommends the study guide that Bruzko mentions above (Evolve Reach). How is that guide in regards to everything else, less A&P?
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    I am new to this forum and I also am curious about the HESI. My sister in law told me to just study the evolve book but from what I hear everyone says that the a&p portion is hard. Any advice on how I could score a 100% on the HESI.
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    If your school has it available, get a list of topics covered on your nursing programs HESI exam. The program I am applying to does not have A&P but is heavy on Biology.
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    Quote from Rosenhammer
    If your school has it available, get a list of topics covered on your nursing programs HESI exam. The program I am applying to does not have A&P but is heavy on Biology.
    An edit to this:

    I confirmed with my advisor that the HESI exam is indeed different from school to school. The reason our HESI doesn't have an A&P section is because the Biology section is heavy on Human Biology instead of General Biology.
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    For the LPN program I didn't do the anatomy portion but I did take A & P. You definitely want to get A & P flash cards and study guides. For the HESI I used the HESI Admission Assessment Exam Review and the McGraw Hill Nursing School Entrance Exams books. This seemed to help me a lot. Also Barron's A & P made easy may help you too. Best of luck to you, God bless!

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