A little studying advice

  1. I took the Hesi a2 exam on the 20th of Feb and was pleasantly surprised by my grade (91.67) and I figured I'd let you guys know how I was able to get such a grade.
    I've been out of high school for 12 years now so I was really worried that I wouldn't do so hot, so I bought the book "Admission Assessment Exam Review, 3e" and honestly I didn't start studying until about 3 days before the exam. This book however completely prepared me for the reading, vocabulary, grammar, and math.
    At the school I'm going to however we didn't need to take the chemistry or physics portion of the exam so I skipped over those sections. But taking the sample tests and reading over each section really helped.
    Good luck to anyone about to take it, and just relax, it's easier that you might think.
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