Weight gain since becoming a nurse

  1. I started my "nurse" career as a LPN in 2009 and went on to earn my RN in May 2011. I noticed, almost immediately, how easy the pounds began to pile on once I started in my new role. When I started nursing school in 2008 I weighed 150 lb. and had more muscle mass. I'm now almost 40 lbs heavier. I'm depressed and tired all the time. What has this career done to me?
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  3. by   NewbieNeedsHelp
    Think more like what can I do to fix it...

    There are overweight cops, school teachers and mechanics.
  4. by   DSkelton711
    I have doubled my weight in 26 years. Get control of your weight now before it goes any further. Make sure to keep hydrated with water. A lot of my eating came from being tired and feeding my stress instead of exercising it out. Make a game plan for yourself and let it become part of a healthy lifestyle. I don't blame nursing for my weight gain per se, but the stress and being tired all the time didn't help me any. Good Luck!