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Well, today was the third time in six years of being a nurse that I either cried or was on the verge of tears. I'm a male nurse and I am NOT ashamed of this. I was on the verge of tears for two reasons. One of my patients had... Read More

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    Please know that you are not alone in how you feel about bedside nursing. It's never about how much you were able to accomplish during a shift and how well you prioritized, but ALWAYS about what you didn't do. It's ALWAYS about everyone else's priorities not getting met, but it's YOUR license on the line. After 13.5 yrs as an RN, I'm out too, never to return. Wishing you much good luck on your new path. Let us know how it turns out.
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    Quote from CrunchRN
    Please tell us what it is like being part of Doctors without Borders. That sounds really interesting.
    This! I was just listening to a broadcast about that organization working with refugees in the Congo. Only it was the french version and I don't want to butcher THAT name since I don't know how to do those accent marks and all...

    Don't forget about us when you start working with them because I'm sure whatever you are able to share would be fascinating.
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    Yes, yes! Please share your experience working with Doctors without Borders if you choose to go. I am taking pre-reqs for an ABSN and eventually want to become a nurse practitioner and work with Doctors without Borders. I am trying to decide which specialty I might want to focus on because it could influence where I apply for my ABSN degree...

    I want to work on maternal child heath and antenatal care... but there isn't a specialization that includes both mothers and babies! Anyway... when you are over there.. I'm really curious to know if you think one specialization might be more useful.

    Thank you!
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    Your description of the patients reply to what you said about being a nurse with two hands, changed me perspective about missionary nursing. See, I go on mission trips now and have helped in certain health clinics in Panama and Guatemala. However, those clinics were filled with children and families who were thankful for whatever help we offered and no one seemed to be close to dying. I am entering my third. (Second to last semester) of nursing school and then I am starting on missions with a team from my church. I am in school to be a missionary nurse and I pray that even though I help the 99, but can't get to the 1... Maybe the 1 person will see the love that was given to those 99 and that hope and love he witnessed will give him the strength to survive. You're doing amazing work. You can't save then all but many times you make a difference in others lives, in such an indirect way all you can do is your best!

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