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Thanks for reading I work night shift, and i will have to say, some nights its a breeze, if you were able to convince , fight or bribe your body to please rest because you need to work that... Read More

  1. by   LilRedRN1973
    I have always been a night owl, even in my teen years....I would be up until the wee hours of the night, rearranging my room and cleaning out cabinets. Drove my mother crazy! During nursing school, I had 2 young children and a husband who worked nightshift and was in school FT as well so I the only chance I had to get chores done was around midnight or 1am, then be back up at 5am for clinicals. And that seemed to work fine for me. I've always been fine with about 5-6 hours of sleep and can function okay on 4 hours. When I went to work as a professional nurse, I worked night shift and I LOVED it. I couldn't imagine working days; the idea of getting up at 5 or 6am horrified me. Then, I entered into a monitoring contract with my state's BON and could no longer work nights. I got a job as a dialysis nurse and had to be AT work at 5am. Work was 30 minute away so I was getting up just before 4am. I worked from 5am until about 7pm three days a week. That was horrible and I hated every minute of it. Then, I ended up at my current job, where my hours are 7am to 4pm. I get up at 4am, actually, so I can get in my running prior to work. I am at the gym by 4:30am and home by 5:30-6am to get ready for work. I never used to be able to hit the bed before 1am-2am and now I'm in bed at 10pm. I feel better than I ever have in my life and my arthritis, which used to really bother me, gives me almost no trouble. Working dayshift has saved my life and I feel 10 years younger. Weird coming from this former night owl who used to swear up and down she would NEVER EVER work day shift! LOL. But I love it and never want to go back to nights ever again. I'm almost 40 years old and I think sleeping at night is very beneficial to my body.