Im getting written up for what????? Im getting written up for what????? | allnurses

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Im getting written up for what?????

  1. 0 I went to work Sunday @ a LTC. I left an hour later because I was so lightheaded I couldn't stand. Also, I was extremely nauseous and had stabbing pains in my stomach. I went home and threw up and then my body went numb. So I go to the ER and found out I have gall stones and have to have surgery. Well, the DON called and said I'm getting written up because I should've just called out. What?!? I thought it was just a bout with nausea.
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    Is there a Human Resources department? Maybe they can help. I work at a "no-fault" facility: you get an occurence for no matter what. I have a chronic illness so it'll be interesting to see how this shakes out. Good luck.