I ♥ Huckabees Anyone? (Very Interesting Read for the Philosophical Ones Out There)

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    Thank's sirI for fixing my title!
    Last edit by Alois Wolf on Nov 23, '07
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    So, what's your point?

    I'm philosophically inclined. I clicked on the link and got a general wellness site. Are you trying to advertise that site? If not, where do what this thread to go?
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    I was not trying to promote the website, I was merely citing my source of information. The link at the bottom does send you to the website that I got the article from, true, but I was not doing this to promote the website. In all reality when I found that article it was the first time I had ever actualy been to that particular website.
    The link to the actual article is the whole quoted text from the article. If you click on the quote it will send you to the article itself. I'm sorry if I caused any confusion with my post, in the future I will try harder to make it more understandable. The purpose of this thread was perhaps to encourage conversation on the metaphysical properties of life (specifically existintialism VS. universal cohesion) and maybe perhaps even how it relates to caring for other human beings, as nursy types do. If you find the article interesting above poster, I would love to hear any thoughts you have on the subject.
    Last edit by Alois Wolf on Nov 23, '07 : Reason: clarification

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