Frustrated with my job! Please help!

  1. For 3 yrs I have been a nurse. I work in the icu and really enjoy what I do. Recently I went to days from night shift. On night shift I was confident in my skills and felt like I had the respect of my coworkers. When there was first a position open on day shift my nurse manager asked me if I was interested since I had seniority over the others who were interested. I was excited and couldn't wait to go. To make a long story short, the position was given to a girl that did not have the unit based seniority. She was going from an outside unit to days shift without taking her turn on nights, which is against my hospitals union policy. I had to go to the union and fight for my position. I got the position but felt awkward with my coworkers on days as they were mad that nights were now short when if the other nurse would have came in things would have been balanced. They were angry that they might have to cover and my manger was now mad at me also. To top things off I was also denied my raise that I worked so hard to get. I did many extra projects and even developed a skin care protocol for my facility. I also had to appeal that and have not heard back from it. My last straw was last week when during a code my nurse manager asked me if I wanted to bag someone to "see how it feels". I was so mad and embarrassed I went to the bathroom and cried. I went to day shift I'm not a new grad or a student. On nights I have coded many ppl and was very insulted and feel as if she thinks I'm incompetent. Please help bc I have never been so frustrated with a job before. I love being a nurse but I feel I can't take the politics of that place anymore. I don't wanna go back to nights bc I want to see my husband and do enjoy being able to be alive during the day. Any advice is much appreciated! Thank you!
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