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Hi everyone... I just started a new job about 2 months ago, a much needed change. Even though it's not a dream job by far, it is better than my last job...except it's still 3 12s a week and I'm still mostly working nights. I... Read More

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    I am so sorry for your loss. I completely agree with you, and i'm afraid it isn't recognized ever..
    I think multiple night shifts in a row are unhealthy for the nurse, and unsafe for patients.
    Where i work, and i'm sure alot of other places some nurses work 'doubles'
    ie. 7a-3p, then 3p-11p.
    I will never, ever work that much because it is not only unhealthy for me, i feel as if i am putting my license at risk and putting my patients at risk.

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    Well, I would love to work a few nights in a row. I am never scheduled for more than two 8-hour nights in a row, and let me tell you, the constant flipping back and forth is absolute torture. I NEVER get enough sleep. And I never get a chance to adapt to nights. I feel sick most of the time, even on my days off. Since I have to stay on nights for the foreseeable future (people wait years and years for day shift on my unit and I love my unit so I don't want to look for another job), I keep wishing I could work 3 or 4 nights in a row and have the rest off in a row as well. When I pick up extra shifts, I start getting into the swing of things and night #3 and #4 are usually much better, with night #1 being the worst of all. And with this 2-on, 2-off kind of schedule, I have to suffer through night #1 over and over again. Okay, got to try and get some sleep now...
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    Have you considered taking maybe a full week or two off to try and recoup some? When I begin to feel burned out (usually whenever I've worked 4-5 shifts straight) ill see if I can trade with someone and get a few extra days off. I think before you make a job change you should try to take some time off first for some "me" time

    I hope things get better for you! :hugs:

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