Wanting to move to HI in a few years... realistic goal?

  1. For some reason my computer wont let me space between paragraphs.... sorry... My husband and I have decided we would really like to make Hawaii our home. I know the job market is tough there so I'm trying to be realistic and plan ahead. I just want some insight. I graduate December 2013. I'm hoping and praying for a nurse residency at Vanderbilt University but I guess that's irrelevant since its highly competitive. The plan is for my husband to go to school after I graduate and me work, then when he graduates I'll start applying for jobs as an RN while still living in TN. So by the time I start applying I'll have about 4 years experience. Also, in that 4 years we will be saving for the move, a house, etc. First, with 4 years experience is it at all reasonable to hope to actually be able to find an RN job? Second, do you think its possible to find a job while living in another state as long as I would move immediately if offered one? Thanks!
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  3. by   Pikake
    This island tends to hire their own especially with over 500 nurses graduating each year, with that being said, these new graduates end up working as volunteer nurses to gain experience to get a job in one of the hospitals; or have to take jobs as cnas or lpns. The cost if living here is high and trying to find a place to live is competitive. I don't know if any of the hospitals will hire over the phone seeing that they have enough candidates to fill positions, contract nursing may be the way to get your foot in the door but that's not reliable considering your shift could get cancelled. I'm not saying living here can't be done but extremely difficult.