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  1. Aloha! Me and my husband have talked about our wish to move to Hawaii for years. Our son will be starting school a few years after I graduate from nursing, and the area we live in now has gone downhill. We live in Birmingham Alabama, and the crime rate is very scary. In the research I have done on Hawaii, the crime rates are very low compared to where we live, and everyone seems to treat each other like family. (Southern hospitality doesn't exist here anymore). I graduate with my ADN in 2012, and I was just wondering what kind of nursing opportunities to expect. My husband is also in school to be a PTA. There's a HUGE cost of living difference between where we are now, and Hawaii, which worries me. What is the average starting pay for a new nurse on the islands? I would hate to move and only be able to afford a closet . Any info/advice would be greatly appreciated!!
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    The job market for new grads in hawaii has depleted. A lot of hospitals will not hire new grads based on little to no experience. I would recommend looking at the local hospital employees/careers link to see what they are offering. I don't want to hinder your dream of moving to Hawaii, but it is very expensive as far as cost of living compared to other places in the U.S. (we need everything shipped here or flown). But, goodluck! Go with your dreams and if you put your heart into it, I'm sure everything will work out for the best.