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    Hello. I would love to move to Kauai from the mainland. I'm an RN with experience in PCU/stepdown nursing. I'm willing to do any kind of nursing I've heard Kauai needs nurses, is this true? Would it be difficult to get a job there? I've also heard that I shouldn't even think about applying for jobs until I have a local address.... Any advice/information is much appreciated

    If Kauai is impossible, Maui is my back-up plan. I'm coming one way or another, just trying to do my homework before I come.
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    I want to move back to Kauai as well! I've been off island almost 8 years now and I miss my family bad and want to go home. I have a husband now, and I have been gone so long that I have no idea what the pay is, or the cost of living. Any pointers from current nurses?

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