The waiting game starts...

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    Yay my application was just sent for Fall 2012 to KCC and UH. Now I gotta wait about 3-4 months to see if I get accepted/waitlisted/rejected. Hmmm. Anyone else in this forum in the same boat?
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    meeee! trying not to obsess too much, but its hard when you have been working on this for a very long time! fingers crossed and good luck to you!
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    round 2 for me! hope 2nd time is the charm!
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    Did you guys get a notice that your application was received? I sent mines in on the 3rd but I didn't receive a notice...yet. You're suppose to get a notice right? Something that says they received your app and its not missing any pieces?
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    nvm just got it today. now the waiting game really starts. i really hope i get in this semester.
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    i got my notice, now just waiting...
    whats are your stats if you don't mind me asking..

    could have done better on the nln, but got a 131

    pgpa is 4.0
    cgpa is 3.8

    trying to keep a positive attitude aloha!
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    wow you have great stats. i only have a 3.7 pgpa, 3.5 cgpa, and 125 nln. 85 is my highest individual. kinda did bad on my others...but still above 75. hope i get in. so lucky that kcc accepts work experience tho. hehe.
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    i got a 92 verbal, 76 math ;/ and 82 science, its all so nerve racking trying to compare yourself to others! but fingers crossed for both of us!!
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    I wish I could speed up time a bit...up to March/April. hehe
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    I hand delivered my application on the 4th and have yet to recieve anything from the nursing department in specific. I did recieve a packet from UH Manoa Admissions office in regards to my system was such a fake out to cause the packet said "congratulations" on it!
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