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I'm a 23 year old RN-BSN working med-surg in WA with about 8 months of acute care experience right now. I was an LPN and worked in long term care as well as ambulatory care while getting my ADN and then my BSN before landing a... Read More

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    We are REALLY wanting to move to Oahu (Kane'ohe Bay) when I graduate nursing school, but I am worried about the huge difference in cost of living. We live in Alabama now, and you can buy a huge house for around 150,000. Nurses here start out at about 20 dollars an hr. This has me nervous about applying as a new nurse, if the jobs are that hard to find. What is the average pay for nurses in this area? I don't graduate until 2012, but I just wanted to know a bit about what it's like, or if this is a good idea...

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