University of Hawaii Manoa Spring 2013

  1. My roomate and I are going to be applying to U of H manoa school of nursing. We know we have a bit of a head start until we have to actually apply but we have a couple of questions for anyone that have been through the application process for University of Hawaii. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Background info: My roomate and I are from Seattle so we will be out of state students. We will have all of our classes (hopefully..) done by the application deadline so they will see our complete gpa.

    Our Questions:
    1. Was the NLN difficult and how far in advance should we be studying? Also how far in advance of the application deadline should we take the test?

    2. What is the average GPA of students that get in?

    3. We deffinitely want to live off campus. How would we go about trying to find an apartment close to campus? We want a 2 bed 1 bath which from my research so far is difficult since most places that offer student housing are studio apartments or requires us to share a room. We were both Residence Advisors in freshmen dorms and needless to say we really love having our own space now. If anyone has a list of names of good apartments nearby feel free to let us know!

    4. Going back to the apartments. If accepted should we be planning a trip in advance to find an apartment? How difficult is it to find an apartment for Spring semester instead of before Fall?

    Some issues we ran into:
    1. The NLN test is not offered at a facility in WA so we will have to get a proctor to administer the test.
    2. Our school doesn't offer ANYTHING that will transfer over as an FG course. Which really sucks because it's the ONLY pre req class we still need. The UH admissions office told us to see if we can petition a similar class we have taken to see if it will qualify as an FG course. If that doesn't work we'll have to take an online course from UH to meet this requirement in the fall.

    -I decided to put this up incase anyone else is running into the same problems.

    Thank you for anyone taking the time to respond, I know it's a lot!
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  3. by   Arii
    I can answer your first question. You should take the NLN as soon as possible (once you have prepared for it). When I took it early last year, you had to wait 6 months in order to retake it if you didn't like your score. Not sure if this changed, but from my knowledge it's still the same. You should call up UHM NLN registration office and double check. The exam was alright, I just used the official NLN study guide ( you might be able to order it off of amazon.
  4. by   heystella
    [font=verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif]i was recently accepted for fall 2012 as a transfer student from california, so hopefully this helps!

    the nln wasn't horribly difficult, but if you don't get all-around good scores, do try to excel in at least one category. personally i tanked in the math section (46) but i did well in the others - 92 for verbal, 95 for science. i kind of skimmed over the study guide about a month prior to the exam, but i really only started studying intensively like two weeks before. i'd say a month is good, two would probably be better. i took the exam about a month before the application deadline, but i actually went to go visit the campus to take the exam, so the results were instant. if you're going to find a proctor for the exam, i'd naturally allow a bit more time.

    gpa-wise, i don't know what the statistics of the other accepted students were. but my prereq gpa was 3.8 and my cum. gpa was 3.4 i think.

    i'm sure your fg will be fine. the sond is pretty lenient, i've found. after the admissions office did my transfer credit evaluation, i was worried that none of my math classes would meet the fs requirement (my precalc class was still under eval at the time) and when i emailed sond they said that even if the requirement wasn't met, they'd allow me to take it concurrently with the first semester nursing curriculum. so yeah, don't sweat it.

    good luck!
  5. by   lalida
    i got the nln thing worked out, i am taking it may 24th! it took countless of phone calls and even an email to the dean of nursing to get nln to ok me getting proctored at a community college. thanks heystella i'm glad to see someone who got in and didn't have the perfect 4.0 pcum. i was deffinitely worried about that! i will have about 3.8 pcum and 3.4-3.6 ccum depending on how this quarter goes (since i'm crazy and decided to take chem, anatomy, and micro at the same time haha but so far so good!)
  6. by   SteveRedBird
    Do you have to take the NLN in Hawaii, or can I take it on the mainland?