UH Manoa Spring 2013

  1. Is there anyone else that applied for the BSN program for Spring 2013? It feels like it's been forever since I applied, I can't wait to find out!
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  3. by   hcs808
    I did! Impatiently waiting for those letters lol. Good luck!
  4. by   chn2011
    Thanks, good luck to you, too! The confirmation letter said that we would find out by the end of November, but hopefully we'll find out before then.
  5. by   Rome808
    Did you guys apply for KCC ADN as well? Care to share your stats for both schools. Also do you know how UH looks at NLN scores? I heard they only look at the highest relative performance score. But someone else told me they average it out. im confused. all this waiting is driving me crazy. lol
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  6. by   chn2011
    I didn't apply for KCC. I wanted to, but I am not a Hawaii resident, and they don't typically accept non-residents into the program.
    I've a bunch of the other threads on here, and it does sound like they look at your highest NLN score. I'm not sure how much they take the overall score into consideration, though.
    My cGPA is a 3.6, and my pGPA is between a 3.7 and a 3.8 (depending on whether they look at all of them, or just the best of 16 credits). I also have 2 classes outstanding, which I'm taking right now. Hopefully that doesn't hurt my chances!
    My overall NLN is 144, verbal 85, math 96, and science 99.
    The waiting is driving me crazy, too. I've started with the health clearance stuff to help pass the time, just in case. Hopefully I don't jinx myself, haha.
  7. by   Rome808
    Wow u got good stats. I got 4.0 pGPA but 3.2 cGPA. My nln was 80 verbal, 96 math, and 92 science. Hopefully that gets me in. I have more chances of getting in at KCC because they only look at cumulative gpa for kcc. Fortunately, my cGPA for them is 4.0.
  8. by   chn2011
    I would think that you have a pretty good shot at both schools, a 4.0 pgpa is impressive! Good luck, I'm sure you'll get into at least one of them.
  9. by   Rome808
    Thanks. Good luck 2 u too!
  10. by   hcs808
    I was wondering if u guys turned in your "intent to register" letter from when u got accepted into UHM. That only if u you weren't already at UHM. I haven't turned mines in yet that's why :/
  11. by   Rome808
    I turned in my intent to register at UHM along with my deposit. Brian suggested to pay for the deposit even though I haven't received my acceptance into the program. He says the intent to register and acceptance into the program are two different things. Even if you get accepted into the program and you didnt send your intent, you wont get in. You might want to call them if its past the due date because they might give up your spot.

    BTW, I got my acceptance letter from KCC today! Still waiting on UHM
  12. by   chn2011
    I'm not already at UHM. I didn't know about an intent to register form. I'll have to call and ask. Do you guys know when that's due?
    Rome808, congratulations on your acceptance to KCC!
  13. by   hcs808
    Omg! Ok thanks. Mine was due last week, I emailed them and said to do it asap. Congratulations! Do u know when UHM is giving out their letters?
  14. by   Rome808

    I received the intent to register letter a few days after I got accepted into UHM, which was back in august. It should come from the admissions office, not the school of nursing. Mines was due back in october 5. I though about waiting until I receive the acceptance letter from nursing before I sign the letter of intent but Brian warned me that my spot may be given away. What sucks is that if I do not get accepted in the UH program, my deposit is non refundable.

    I called UH today. They mail it out mid november but I think it should come before that. KCC said mid november as well but I got mines today.