RN jobs in Hawaii -any tips?

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    Hey all, I've been in Hawaii for about a year now and am having a hard time getting a RN job at the hospital and in general. Does anyone have any tips? Seems like RN jobs in Hawaii are extremely hard or you face heavy competition.


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    I'm having the same problem. What island are you on?
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    I'm having the same problem, what island are you on?
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    I'm curious if you are a new grad or an experienced nurse. New grads everywhere are flooding the market and no one wants to hire them.
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    Thirteen year experience, 8 years med/surg, 4 in Er and 9 months hospice.
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    Yeah I haven't seen much in the way of jobs there. I was thinking of going out there to work but maybe not we're even having over staffing issues where I am.
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    Hilo hospital had several openings last time I checked...even for LPN's.
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    I was told over a year ago now that they're building a brand new hospital around the Lahaina area of Maui, but who knows when that will actually happen. O'ahu has the most hospitals and more specialties to work in. Have you looked at doing temp work? I know someone who got a job as a traveler on Kauai for a month working in cardiology.
    My family used to live on O'ahu and we go back to Maui every year for several weeks--I hope to one day get a job there too. Best of luck to you!! Aloha!
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    I had the same problem - I applied places when i first moved to Oahu without any response for 7 months. Finally I got a call (I had already forgotten I applied and had given up finding a job at all) so there are jobs out there. I would just apply for every position (FT/PT/On-call) and to everywhere, do agency work so you can get your foot in. It is hard to find a job out here, and I know for at least for new grads, many have had to work as CNA's at SNF's just to work.
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    I graduated and moved to HI in December (military wife) and am having bad luck as well with the job market here (already have license). I have applied to >30 jobs and have had one call back asking if I would take a $10/hr. aide job with a home healthcare company...but with a child I need something to at least cover childcare costs! I am feeling very down-and-out about ever finding a job and we have several more years here.

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