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Hey all, I've been in Hawaii for about a year now and am having a hard time getting a RN job at the hospital and in general. Does anyone have any tips? Seems like RN jobs in Hawaii are extremely hard or you face heavy... Read More

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    I could be wrong, but the lack of job openings in Hawaii for nurses is not new. In 1995 I flew to Oahu hoping to land a job there. I applied for a job at the large Queens Hospital and one other small hospital (I can't remember its name). At the Queens Hospital I was just one of the several RNs from all over the mainland applying for a job that day! We all hoped and wanted to move to paradise!

    Unbeknownst to my wife, who stayed home with our 2 kids back in the San Francisco Bay Area, I spent the next three days on the beach; and eating very delicious food and enjoying the unbelievable heavenly ice cream at the International Marketplace.

    Not finding a job in Hawaii was definitely a blessing in disguise for me. After working hard for almost 28 years in the same hospital, I have retired from that county-owned hospital and I am now enjoying my hard earned-pension from the county government. (Repeat: hard-earned pension, and forever proud!) e.m.

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