Question about Online RN-BSN progams in Hawaii

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    Have any of my fellow colleagues in the state completed an online RN-BSN program?

    I have the itch to go back to school and finish up my BSN. Just trying to do some research on whether to go back to campus for my degree or try the online approach.

    I'm leaning toward University of Phoenix but I want to research all my options.

    Thanks Guys

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    Where do you live right now? If it's in Hawai'i, which island?

    Where do you work right now? Do you have any fear about finding a job? Or, are you completely confident that you'll have a job lined up once when you finish your BSN?

    Do you have other responsibilities, kids, family, other people you need to take care of while you do your BSN? And, do you have to work full time? Can you cut back to 1 shift per week at work, and go to school 40 hours/week?

    And, are you in debt right now? Credit cards? Student loans? Car loans? Or, are you living debt free?
    -- Lisa ;-)
    Last edit by Lisa From Maui on Dec 25, '09
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    Check out Excelsior College. Lots of info for you in the Distance Learning forum in the Students section of this board. Good luck!

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