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    Can anyone comment on working conditions at Pali Momi med/surg or telemetry unit? What is the nurse to patient ratio and what about the salary?
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    HI, i worked at Pali Momi telemetry floor in 2003 for about ten months. I really didnt like it as i found the patient ratio was usually 5-6 to 1 on day shifts and 6-7 to 1 on nights shifts. Their tele patients were really sick with alot of bipaps, and cardiac drips-something i wasnt used to. The unit is 35 beds and all single rooms and the whole unit is so big you wear a pager. and there is only three aids to help; i think the worst part was that the unit wasnt very nurse-friendly-you had to walk from one end of the unit to the other just to get rid of your dirty laundry-there was no laundry baskets in the rooms. The manager was very very nice and supportive though, the nurses were generally nice. lots of travellers. Hope this helps!
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    Thank you so very much. You are correct in saying that the patients are very sick. Mahalo!
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    Forgot to ask but were you a traveler while there? Wonder how it is being a traveler?
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    HI, i wasnt a traveler at Pali Momi. Two of my friends were and one hated it and the other didnt find it so bad-she went back a few times. She is from the east coast and said that the patient ratios were just like back home! ha ha. I worked a couple years ago though so things may have changed.
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    The pay rate was good about $32-34 and hour, of course that was for staff, i dont know about travelers.
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    I have worked at previous tele floors where the patient to nurse ratio is 4 or 3 to 1. Six and seven sounds heavy especially if they are as sick as you have mentioned. Pay rate sounds good but I bet you had some hectic days. Alot has to do with the other staff members and being team players and how the charge nurse distributes the patients.
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    Latest comments: Don't go there!!
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    are you working at pali momi tele now? if you are, good luck to ya! :spin:
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    No, I am not working there. Have not heard anything positive about it. Will look elsewhere. The work environment and patient safety is important. The nurse to patient ratio is too unsafe.