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Can anyone comment on working conditions at Pali Momi med/surg or telemetry unit? What is the nurse to patient ratio and what about the salary?... Read More

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    Quote from Gingbro
    No, I am not working there. Have not heard anything positive about it. Will look elsewhere. The work environment and patient safety is important. The nurse to patient ratio is too unsafe.
    The environment/patient ratio is far more stable at Queen's. They have recently decreased their employment of agency and travel nurses, though. They are attempting to achieve Magnet status, which has influenced their hiring practices.

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    Being a new grad, it is tough getting in the first time around. They are loyal to inhouse staff transferring from say a nurses aide to an RN, which is understandable. My goal is to work for Queens but it is not that easy as a new grad. I am contemplating trying dialysis. If I do not like it, I am not held to a contract. Plus, the new manager is awesome. Additionally, it will add some RN experience to my resume.

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