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Moving to Oahu 2012/ Licensing

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    I am a RN on an Inpatient Rehabilitation/Med-surg floor in Washington state. I am looking at moving out to Oahu early in 2012. I don't want to move without having a job first but I have heard it is hard to get a job if you are not already living on the island. Also I have heard it is difficult to get a job at all, although looking at many of the hospitals websites there are lots of jobs posted frequently.

    By the time I move out there I will have over two years experience, I am very active at my current hospital, I am a part of several committees and I am the Pain Resource Nurse for my floor. I have done a few educational in-services at staff meetings and have a few more planned this year. I also am going to be applying for a few certifications this year. I am just wondering what I can do to make myself standout and to increase my chances of getting a job offer.

    I love working Med-Surg, I have telemetry training, I am great at wound care and ostomy management, What are employers looking for?

    Also how soon should I start applying for jobs and working at making contacts out in Oahu, and When should I apply for my Hawaiian state license?

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    Congratulations on your possibility of moving to Hawaii. I would recommend trying a Travel Nursing job here in Hawaii. At least you will be guaranteed a job when you get here, and they offer you a free apartment to live in while you get your bearings. Some contracts are short as 3-6 months, and could extend to up to a year. Aloha, HawaiiRN808
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    HawaiiRN808: do you know of any hospitals (especially on Oahu or the Big Island) using travelers? If so, what agencies? I was a perm staff RN on Oahu a couple of years back and have been thinking about traveling back there ... thanks!