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  1. Hi- I am a new nurse I will have been in my current unit (postpartum and newborn nursery) for two years in Oct. My husband grew up in Honolulu and his family (parents, brother, uncle, cousins) live there still. We are considering moving our family to Oahu this summer. We have three children ages 6,4 and 10 mo. My husband is an internet guy and can work from home. I am starting to look for RN jobs in my specialty, if possible- but I am open. I also plan to sit for the boards to become a lactation consultant in summer '10- so a lactation counsellor or support position would be of interest as well. Any suggestions on hospitals or clinics that may be hiring this summer? Many thanks!

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  3. by   mzjennx
    There are 3 places you could work for Mother-Baby. 1 Kapiolani 2 Kaiser 3 Queens

    You will love working at Kapiolani. This is a small hospital, but delivers many babies, including high risk. They have a great Mother-Baby. They have lactation consultants there, but I am not sure if they are hiring. Last I remember, they let go one of their good full time one, but rehired her for only part-time ? The lactation team here works with Hawaii Mother's milk which is a group that advocates for breastfeeding.

    Kaiser is another great place for Mother-Baby with a great lactation team. When I was there they recently hired a new lactation consultant. Breastfeeding is big there.

    Queen's is the biggest hospital in Oahu, but has the smallest Mother-Baby. I do not know much about this place except that most of there high risk patients/babies are diverted to Kapiolani. But since its a smaller unit, more one-on-one.

    As far as clinics, I am not so sure. Good luck in your search =D
  4. by   Jess RN
    Thanks xj3! My husband's cousin works at Kaiser- so I think I will send my resume along to him before the move and see if I can line up an interview for when we arrive on-island. I'm thinking if HI is anything like Boston- then maybe the hospitals don't post all the openings they have, they rely on word of mouth referrals instead.

    Thanks again!