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  1. I was just accepted into the U of Hawaii Manoa's MEPN Pediatric Track. I am very excited but am extremely concerned about the cost. As an out of state student I will be paying close to 70,000 a year including books, fees and general cost of living. My financial aid packet has loaned me 39,000 this includes a Grad Plus Loan and an unsubsidized loan. I still need to come up with the remaining 39,000. I know there are private loans available and I haven't even begun to look into grants. Scholarships are closed for U of H as of now but I know there might be some available outside the system. People keep telling me "the money is there" but where???? U of H and USF are the only two schools Ive applied to this year. I was wait-listed at both then accepted into U of H and turned down by USF. My undergrad GPA was a 3.1 but I have experience in the field with good recommendations from doctors Ive worked for and past professors. I guess my question is....should I decline U of H in hopes of being accepted into a cheaper program? However, MEPN tracks are extremely competitive? So Ive been told and now witnessed. Or should I take this oppertunity find the money somewhere and go with it? I am rethinking everything....go back and get my RN even though I have a bachelors in Biology? This is my dream and it has been my goal for the past year to get into an MEPN program. Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks so much.
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    I will also be starting UHM in the fall the CNS route.