Looking to relocate from TX-transport ICU RN experience

  1. Hi, I am really interested in moving to Hawaii, looking for a RN-Transport, NICU, PICU, critical care, pediatrics related job. How does the job market look out there? I have 10 years exp. My husband is an RN too and has 1 year ER experience. Any pointers would be great, thanks to all!
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  3. by   JillyRN
    Job market is awful for new grads or RNs with only a few years experience. However, I recently spoke to a family who had relocated from Canada. Her husband was an ER RN for 10 years and decided to take a 12 week travel assignment on Oahu this past winter. During that time, he was offered positions at 2 of the 3 hospitals he worked at. He decided to take the position at the hospital that he was most happy with and they've moved here permanently. It was nice to hear a happy story considering the economy, but frustrating also that the state is taking more and more international RNs when so many locals are without jobs. Good luck!!
  4. by   KimyCocoPuff
    You should EASILY be able to get a job. You have so much experience that you'd be highly like to be wanted by MANY of the hospitals...Many of which currently have position openings for ICU, ER, TELE, FLOAT, etc. Check out Hawaii Pacific Health. I was recently looking for positions (I'm a new grad) and I've applied for many of the RN positions despite them all saying experience is required. They have TONS of positions open.

    I currently work for Kahu Malama Nurses (a nursing agency) www.kahumalama.com while I try to find a full-time position as a RN in ANY setting I can get into or as a nurse aide. However, they often have assignment for RNs (experience required) for ER and iCU. Additionally, they also sometimes have assignments for the neighbor islands so it'd be great if you're looking to move to Oahu but would also like a "taste" of the outer islands like Maui, Kauai, and Big Island. With your qualifications, I think you'd be perfect for that too! Good luck and if you happen to go with Kahu Malama for side assignments, let them know that Kim Leong referred you!
  5. by   KimyCocoPuff
    in regards to the Kahu Malama jobs... if you look them up on careerbuilder.com, you can get an idea of the job descriptions and pay... i just looked it up thru there too...