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  1. 0 Has anyone applied to the KCC PRCN program recently? Just wondering how competitive the application pool is? I've tried applying to the ADSN, but finally just decided it might be a "little" easier to apply for the PCRN.
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    I heard its not as competitive as the ADN program. IIRC around 60 apply and they take 20. not sure though. You should apply for both.
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    Thanks, Rome808! I just got my letter from KCC. I'm placed on the alternate list. So close! I applied for the AD program too. We'll see how that goes. I guess I'll just hope someone doesn't enter so that I have a shot.
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    I hope I hear back soon too, my home institution has changed to KCC when it was orignally UHM. I remember distinctly marking that they only change my home institution if i get accepted! *crosses fingers*
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    NeekoDango I hope you get it soon! The letter was dates Feb 6, so I'm sure you should be getting it. Ah, I'm really hoping I can get off the alt list and into the program :/
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    Hey NeekoDango, did you get in?
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    Hi All,

    Did any of you get in?


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