1. Hi guys!
    Anyone here applied to the KCC nursing program for Fall 2011??
    I have been checking the mail religiously... sometimes twice a day (loser!)
    The FAQ section of their website said that we will know if we got accepted for fall by mid April... but you never know...
    Just wanted to see if there were any others stalking the mailman like I am

    Waiting is definitely not my favorite!!

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  3. by   rgirl808
    Aloha, I am anxiously awaiting as well! I think it might be sometime this week we will hear if we get accepted. What were your nln scores, gpa etc? Do you know how many slots were available? Anyway good luck to you and I will post when I find out.
  4. by   nurse_oneday
    hi rgirl808
    I'm not sure how many slots are available... but I think it varies from 25 to 30 (according to the website)... I was told that spring semesters have more slots open in general than fall, but oh well
    My nln score was 142 and GPA 3.8... I took all pre and co-reqs.. so I'm taking a semester off this spring... calm before the storm?? how about you?
    I know someone that got accepted with a 156 last semester... so Im not too confident with my scores... but figured its worth a try
    Anyways... I will post once I find out too!

    Good Luck to us!!!
  5. by   nurse_oneday
    Check you mail!!
    I just got my acceptance letter
  6. by   SNSWTR
    Received a packet on April 1, 2011. I am on the waiting list. Currently taking ZOOL 142 + L & PHRM 203 (last of my co-reqs).

    Pre/Co-req GPA: 3.8
    Cum GPA: 3.3
    NLN: 154

    Congrats nurse_oneday and to all those accepted!
  7. by   nurse_oneday
    congratulations on your excellent score SNSWTR!
    Hope you get in this semester... but if not you're most definitely going to get accepted once you finish all your co-reqs
    good luck!

    To any current nursing students:
    I just wanted to know what the schedule was like for the first semester...
    What time do you start and finish... what is the work load like?
    Anything you want to warn us "new kids" about??
    Mainly I'm curious to find out about the schedule so that I can plan my day to day with work, family and etc...

    Thank you!
  8. by   Arii
    Wow! That is a fabulous NLN score. Good job!

    I got my acceptance letter on Friday for the Fall of 2011! I was on the waiting list last semester..during that time, my pharmacology wasn't complete and I had a lower Pre/Co-req GPA.

    Pre/Co-req GPA: 3.8
    Cum GPA: 3.5ish..(3.3 at WCC, 3.8 at KCC)
    NLN: 135
    All of my co and pre requisites are completed as of Fall 2010. SNSWTR, I suggest you take your Pharmacology during summer part 1, so you can apply for next spring with everything completed. If you want an easy A, just take it from Dr.Farmer online from MCC. I had to jam through 142 last summer just to have enough time to do pharmacology in the fall..it was crazy.
  9. by   Arii
    I don't mean to double post, but I can't find the "edit" button...

    In reply to "nurse oneday" I'm not sure how many slots are available... but I think it varies from 25 to 30 (according to the website)... I was told that spring semesters have more slots open in general than fall, but oh well.

    I find it funny because someone told me the exact opposite (more slots in the fall). I know this past spring they only allowed 30 I believe, since they couldn't have a cohort at LCC. I guess I will find out at the orientation how many were accepted this fall. Hope to see you guys there
  10. by   SNSWTR
    Thanks to everyone for the kind words of encouragement and great tips. I would love to be in the Fall 2011 ADN group as you all sound so helpful and supportive--exactly the kind of classmates I would like to have when it comes to dealing with the rigors of nursing classes!

    Although I'm an alternate, I just wanted to post to help those out there who are curious about scores and GPAs of those who got accepted or alt listed. All the previous posters who did so helped me a great deal and gave me an idea of what it takes to get into the program. From what I have learned, I think one of the things that helps the most is having all the pre- and co-requisites completed. Also, I think that one should keep all their options open and apply for the LPN and the ADN. I think it increases the chances of getting into the nursing program. In my opinion, there are benefits to both programs. I also applied to UH, so I still have one more chance.

    Good luck to you nurse_oneday and Arii and congratulations! I'm really happy for you!
  11. by   SNSWTR
    As someone who's come to this site countless times trying to find info about what kind of GPA and NLN score I needed to get in, when acceptance letters were sent out, etc...I just wanted to post that I was an alternate who ultimately got accepted into the ADN program. My stats are posted in one of the messages above for future reference. I declined because I got accepted into UH, so one slot has opened up. I wish everyone the best of luck!

    I'd like to add that I understand how frustrating it is to get vague answers from the counselors about competitive GPAs and NLNs. Their answers don't seem very helpful as a prospective nursing student and can foster a lot anxiety. However, I can understand their ambiguity becuase your rank ultimately depends on your cohort--kinda like a class curve--and whether or not a student gets in may depend upon who decides to accept or decline.

    Also, in response to nurse_oneday, I e-mailed a friend who is currently in her first semester of the ADN program. She said it is not too bad so far and that she is able to work several days a week. However, I am not sure how much time she is able to spend with family. I also don't know if class demands will get tougher during the second semester and beyond. If older posts are any indication, it seems there is a point at which work and school become unmanagable (if sleep and sanity are valuable to you, that is). I hope it all works out for you.
  12. by   Arii
    Congrats on getting into UH! Thanks for the info from your friend who is currently in the program. I was worried that I would have to quite my job right away when I started, now it seems I can atleast hang onto it until things start getting more demanding.

    Orientation is only one month away! I'm excited
  13. by   DAPK
    I got accepted as an alternate for the fall 2011 ADN nursing program at KCC.
    my NLN score was 132 and I finished all of my co reqs and pre reqs. All As and Bs except my pharmacology grade was a C.
  14. by   Arii
    So what did you guys think of the orientation? That room was freezing cold. I got kind of excited and went ahead and ordered supplies online. Going to start tracking books down to see if I can save some money!