Kapiolani Community College Spring 2012

  1. Just wondering if anyone else on here has applied to the KCC rn program for Spring 2012. The letters should come out in the first week of November. The wait is killing me. I applied with all my pre and co reqs done. I have all A's and one B. My composite score for the pre NlN was 128 and I have no paid work experience. Somedays I think I have a good chance of getting in and other days I feel like I don't have any hope of getting in. The stress is getting to me. I don't want to wait I just wish the letters would arrive already.
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  3. by   Arii
    Good luck! Having a CNA license or health care experience does give you a little boost, but there are a few people in my class who didn't have either.
  4. by   chanina1980
    DId you get into the program? Any advice for studying for NLN? I'm moving from TX and we take the HESI here. I will be there around Jun/Jul. Thank You.
  5. by   Medic2RN
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  6. by   Lefty331
    This is the most recent forum I have seen about Kapiolani Community College, all the others have been really negative regarding their acceptance of non-residents of Hawaii. Does anyone know if they have changed their views of accepting military spouses? We will be there for 3 years and I would love to become a nurse there. If anyone knows anything please let me know. Otherwise, good luck to everyone!
  7. by   Arii
    Will you for sure only be here for 3 years? KCC nursing program just changed from a two year program to a 3 year program, with the opportunity to transition in to UH manoa for 1 more year and your BSN. As for military spouses being accepted..I'm not sure. Best thing to do is email Wes or Crystalyn (nursing advisors/counslers). Wesly Maekawa (wesly@hawaii.edu).
  8. by   Arii
    Actually, I'm not even sure if the ADN will be available, if everyone transfers to UH after 3 years. This is all very new and starting this fall. You may want to ask about this also.
  9. by   Lefty331
    Good to know! I will contact them! Thank you!