Kaiser LPN's?

  1. Any HI LPN's here?

    I work for Kaiser (pediatrics) in Denver, Colorado and will possibly be moving to Maui in early 2013 with my family. My husband is helping a friend open a new restaurant. Our friend has lived in Maui for 15 years, currently has a restaurant in Kihei and opening another in Kahului next year.

    I was curious about LPN wages and if there is much work for LPN's on Maui. Do LPN's work to their full scope of practice in HI? Most acute care hospitals in Denver do not hire LPN's anymore. So I was wondering in what settings LPN's are utilized? I have 6 months acute care on med/surg, 4 years sub acute/rehab/SNF/alzheimers and 3 years outpatient pediatric experience. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

    Also we have a family of 7 and are looking for a home to rent that isn't crazy expensive. We don't need anything big or fancy, We need something basic where we can all fit. Perferably a 4 bedroom home with room for a small garden. I've been watching cragslist for rentals. Any other suggestions for places (newpapers, websites etc..) to keep an eye on?

    Can you tell me anything about the schools out there too? We have a child in each type of school. Elementary, Jr. High and High School. Plus a baby who will be one when we move. Daycare prices? In home vs. facility daycare?

    We are looking at possibly Kihei or Kahului or somewhere in between. What are commutes like?

    Thank you for ANY information in advance :-)
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