Honolulu/Manoa Senior Care..any advice? Honolulu/Manoa Senior Care..any advice? | allnurses

Honolulu/Manoa Senior Care..any advice?

  1. 0 Thinking of taking LPN position @ Manoa Senior Care in Honolulu.Does anyone know anything about these LTC homes.I am from Mn.,never been to Hawaii,it is a one year commitment. Would appreciate any input.CK
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    I have worked at Manoa Senior Care. Did you get the job yet?
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    Haven't taken job yet....going to visit first....did you like it?
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    When are you going for the 3 day observation?? Because the nursing field is such a "small world", I don't feel like I can freely share with you my honest thoughts about the place on such a public posting. Just be sure you find out about the turn over rate in the company.
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    im interested in finding out about manoa nursing - can you email me at jarmaine@hawaii.rr.com?

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    can you contact me re your 'honest thoughts' - Im really interested - jarmaine@hawaii.rr.com
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    I emailed you a few minutes ago! Manoa Senior Care has a very high staff turn-over rate. A vast majority of the nurses do not complete their year long contracts. It is so bad there, I have seen nurses pack their bags and leave in the middle of the night...
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    I am thinking of working there. Would you be able to email me your thoughts and observations? lft123@live.com
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    Hi, I'm also looking into applying there and would love any insight into working conditions. Thanks!
    email: flailing_woman@yahoo.com
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    I am looking into working at Manoa Senior Care and am setting up an interview. I would really appreciate what you have heard or experienced from Manoa Senior Care. please let me know! Thanks
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