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I am a new grad and moving to Oahu, HI in two months from MA. Any helpful tips and suggestions as how and where to apply?? I do not have any experience besides clinical time. I was thinking of doing some strong certification... Read More

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    Hi RNHal11! I heard Hilo Medical Center just hired new grads recently. But this is in the Big Island,Hawaii. There are also some openings for RNII positions but these are temporary fulltime positions. You might want to check it out their website (if you are willing to move to Big Island ) Good luck!

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    RNHal11- That is so frustrating!! What websites are you looking at? I always used indeed.com and a few weeks ago I started looking on Craigslist and that's where I found a few AL jobs that were hiring so I applied and got interviews a few days later. Maybe you could try that? You could also try making a list of nursing homes/AL facilities on the island and call them to see if they are hiring RNs. I know of a couple nursing homes/AL facilities that are hiring right now...if you want more info/suggestions you can message me and we can discuss it!
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    Hi PaRN12! Thanks! I don't think I can message you yet cause I haven't posted enough on herr. I can give you my email and we can communicate that way if that's ok. I would REALLY appreciate any advice & suggestions you can give. My email is anya001@yahoo.com. Hope to hear from you. Thanks again!
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    Hello oncallgal! Thanks for the info and it's tempting but my hubby works in Oahu so I'm stuck here! Great to hear from you!
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    I've had the same experiences as previous posters. Moved here as a new grad in 2010. Put out hundreds of applications with not a single lead. Finally found a position on CL in a family medicine office and jumped on it. I spent a year there before moving on to a different clinic with better benefits. Every once in a while I put in an application in the hospitals but still receive the response that I am not qualified without having acute care experience. It is very frustrating, but it's a great place to live. Just be willing to take anything you can to gain some experience. Good luck!
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    The Big Island is probably an easier place to get a job. Kona Community Hospital has openings for float pool and SNF.
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    It seems to me the job market is getting worse, especially since the Hawaii Nurses Association (HNA) agreed to lay-offs of over 40 RNs at Kaiser, and is allowing Kaiser to build big Medical Office Buildings and small clinics throughout the islands with no RNs working in them! It's Aloha time, maybe because the HNA is part of the OPEIU - office workers union - they'll be happy becoming secretaries!

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