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  1. I just found out about a nurse refresher coming in May to Honolulu when I searched the web. I would have to travel to get there. Has anyone taken it before? They have a clinical skills refresher and IV update. It looks really interesting but I want to be sure. Please let me know if anyone is familiar with it?
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  3. by   tamidenner
    Hi Jswake,

    I found a company that teaches nurse refresher courses all over the states and contacted them about coming to Hawaii. I am very excited to report that they recently contacted me to let me know that they are coming to Honolulu!! I just signed up for the 2 classes they have coming in May, there's an RN/LPN Clinical Skills Refresher and a IV Update. From what I understand from speaking to them they are small hands-on classes, and I couldn't be more excited. Their website is www.nurserefresher.com. The company is called Kane Education. You should check it out, hopefully Ill see you in class

  4. by   jswake18
    Yes that is the one I am considering taking. Have you read up on it at all? It looks really interesting. I just really want to get back into nursing and I would like to refresh on everything before I jump back into it. Also I really do not want to take a long course. Since this is only a day long it would be really beneficial.
  5. by   tamidenner
    I have done quite a bit of research on the class. Like I mentioned I was actually thinking about flying to take one of their California classes until they let me know they would be coming here in May. I haven't worked in several years and was told I needed a refresher to go back to work, so I am taking both days. They cover a lot in both the RN/LPN Refresher and I was told it was all hands-on..I know they do thinkgs like trachs, g tube feedings, IV's, wound care, etc...and the IV is both for peripheral and central lines, and you work on pupms as well. I felt it was excactly what I needed and I couldn't find any program here that offered that in a 2 day period. Plus the price was good for both days of classes (you get a discount if you pay in advance). Did you get a chance to look at the website? It has descriptions of both the classes...looks awesome!!
  6. by   kakalinas74
    i have signed up for may 2010 schedule in honolulu. like u guys, i'm going back to nursing. im preparing for nclex and this refresher course will help me update w/ the clinical setting. i also plan to take BLS-HCP and CPR. do you have any recommendation which provider offers good training/certification & how much? mahalo.
  7. by   WindwardOahuRN
    I applaud everyone's enthusiasm here but is this really what employers would consider an RN refresher course?
    I'm not sure that facilities would consider this anything but a CE offering. The most meaningful refresher courses that I've seen are months long and involve both classroom and clinical hours.
    It's great if you can gain a bit of knowledge by going to this class but I really have my doubts as to whether a nurse recruiter would deem it a real refresher course.
    This is what I think of when I hear the words "RN Refresher Program":

  8. by   jswake18
    WindwardOahuRN, I can agree that the course you recommended is great for someone that has no experience and needs to learn all the theory side of things, but I do not feel that is what I need. I would just like to be able to practice in a hands on setting. I am a little nervous to jump back in on a real person with needles. Also the seminar class is short. From what I understand I am going to be working hands on with an instructor. What you said about "The most meaningful refresher courses that I've seen are months long and involve both classroom and clinical hours.", I do not need the theory side of things, I am looking for the confidence. THe class you recommended looks great but I am ready to quickly jump back into the field plus it is expensive. Also I have spoke to some home health aid agencies about getting hired, and they said having a certificate from this course will help jump start me in line against someone who is in my situation that has not been updated on their clinical skills.
  9. by   kakalinas74
    you're right JS. this short course is for the "returning" nurses- those with experience but coming out from hibernation (myself included). i have asked around too & this will give a positive vibe to prospective employers that we are updating & refreshing our nsg skills. other cert. courses needed are current CPR,BLS-HCP.etc. would u know some institutions here that offer preceptorship/mentoring programs? most of my resources are from the mainland.
    g'luck to all...
  10. by   WindwardOahuRN
    Okay, if you want to spend $295 on a six-hour RN "refresher course" you're certainly free to do so. But IMHO it's not going to get you one bit of an edge with an employee unless the job candidate pool dwindles to a spit.
    This course would in no way be considered a "refresher course." It's a class.
    I went to the website.
    The class is six hours long. Lots of topics covered so I am assuming that none of them is covered in any depth.
    Honestly, this seems like a tremendous rip-off. Way too little bang for your buck.
    The site I posted the link to is for an honest-to goodness RN refresher course. The cost for SIXTEEN WEEKS of classes, including online classwork and EIGHTY hours of hands-on clinical time including hours spent at a major teaching hospital, is $875. That same $875 wouldn't even buy you three six-hour classes from that Kane Educational company.
    The amount charged by this company for its classes, IME, is way out of line for what you get.

    Compare and contrast:



    I've also got more than a few suspicions about these posts and the "excitement" generated by the classes being given in Honolulu. :uhoh21:

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