don't forget career builder

  1. as a source for finding jobs... I had two interviews today and both were with jobs I found on career builder. Neither are hospital jobs (thank goodness
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  3. by   mechunli2
    just curious, was wondering how much experience do you have and what type of jobs are they? thanks!
  4. by   thekid
    I have a few years in long term care but I have been out of nursing for ten years..I picked up some part time work thru agency but this past year I have been searching for a job that 'fit' with my lifestyle and my child's schedule (single mom). I posted a resume on career builder about a year ago and they send me a list of jobs, some are good matches and some aren't..I took my chances and forwarded the resume to many employers even if I thought they wouldn't give my resume a second look..interestingly enough a lot of them were more interested in my previous background with long term care AND my current experience with computers. So when you build a resume, use your strong points.

    Many of the jobs that turned up on career builder were for agency work. A couple were hospice jobs, case management, flu shot nurse, but MANY of them were insurance related jobs. Telephonic assessment jobs, utilization review, etc. The good part about the insurance jobs is that even if there is not a nurse related position open, and if you are flexible enough to start out in customer service or data entry, there is a good deal of upwards mobility and once you are an internal candidate, they are more likely to hire you when something comes open. Two friends of mine who started out answering phones are now promoted. PM me if you'd like more info, I don't have a lot of experience yet but I'm getting familiar.

    Another place you may try are various state / local offices. See what's out there to help members of Medicare/Medicaid. Sometimes they don't post openings in the paper or craigslist. When I lived in Arizona years ago I remember trying to apply for a job at WIC. Think of HMSA or Quest or other might not be RN work but it could lead to something that is..

    good luck!:redpinkhe