Did I do something wrong with the registration?

  1. Hi everyone, first of all I am a foreign grad nurse from the Philippines. I took my nclex-RN (State of Hawaii) last february 18,2012, PASSED and received my registration form and the paper stating that i passed after 4 days of passing.

    In the registration form,it is stated there that i need to pay 140$ for my registration etc. so i filled up my registration form with necessary information such as my SS number,name etc. enclosed with the mail that i'll be sending back is the 140$ check made payable to consumers affairs (this is hawaii licensing dept.)

    I sent the registration form with the check of 140$ last February 27,2012.

    As of now, March 6,2012, i checked my account in the bank but the 140 $ check is still not deducted to my account. I am wondering if I've done something wrong.
    now my questions and worries are:

    -Did i do something wrong about the registration process?

    -Should i put the paper stating that i passed together with my registration form?? (but then again it is stated there in the registration form that i passed so it is understood right?)

    -Can somebody share his/her experience regarding own registration here in hawaii like how long does it take etc etc

    -When you received your finished registration, what are the content of the mail that the consumer and commerce had sent you? is there wall certificate? the license itself? etc? pls share it

    Thank you in advance to all the people who will comment or share some experience on this... it will really help me to alleviate my anxiety..
    Godbless to all of you my co-nurses,,,

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  3. by   meg1325
    hi ruskenz
    i am also a filipino RN i need your help badly......please tell me how was the process when you apply for the eligibility in the state of hawaii, do they need SSN?i posted a new thread regarding on how toapply, but then i saw your post. I am realy having a difficulty cause i dont have any idea at all.tnx