Bucket List, Maui

  1. i am asking for light-hearted conversation & warm-fuzzy postings. a "bucket list" is a list of things you would like to do before you leave this earth... before you kick the bucket. things you keep putting off because you never have enough time and/or money to do them?

    if you live on maui, please share! what are a few things on your bucket list? things you could only do on the island of maui? -- lisa ;-)
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  3. by   Lisa From Maui
    c'mon folks... let's have some fun with this thread, please!!! how creative can you get?

    compete in the aluminum man, maui! umpiron: http://www.active.com/page20746.aspx

    see at least one show at the macc's castle theatre.

    *laughing* visit little beach. :imbar once. just once. (i don't know if i'll ever get up the courage to actually do it.) still... fun to laugh about.
  4. by   jimbr1
    Been here 3 mos and didn't hear anything about an aluminum man until reading your post...only a few days left-didn't extend at MMMC but may return next winter...haven't been to Haleakala crater or Hana but hope to at least get to big beach before I leave....mahalo...
  5. by   buenavidaRN
    jimbr1: how have you liked your assignment at MMMC? I've been looking at it as a possibility ...
    thanks for any input!
  6. by   jimbr1
    I liked it enough to say that I would definitely go back- supportive staff, lots of travelers as well...overtime if you want it...they are still using paper for the most part...only drawback- high cost of living so I wouldn't stay there permanently unless I had 2 jobs or guaranteed overtime....BTW did get to Big Beach at Makena before I left...awesome beach!