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Another RN moving to Hawaii needing advice

  1. 0 I am currently working as a PEDS RN in a Magnet facility, I also have 6 mo Forensics Nursing exp (it's a hard job in a small town). We are moving to South Kona and I am wanting advice on continuing my nursing career. Kona Community doesn't have a PEDS unit, so I'm worried about gaining employment there. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. I am used to a higher cost of living, being isolated and everything else that comes with moving to Hawaii because I'm moving from Alaska. Is it true you have a have a local number and address before you can even start applying?
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    Im not 100% sure about Kona, but here in Oahu it's highly suggested that you are here and have a physical address before even considering applying (I'm military, so I applied to hospitals here when we were in OK, and never got a call back, lol). The market is so saturated here on the island, but with the new hospital opening up (Queens), I'm assuming that will help, but not much. The nursing programs here, IMHO, are pumping out more new grad RNs than the island needs. I have noticed that a lot of folks from where I work applied there; however, only 1 person even got an offer. It's extremely competitive... I believe on the last job fair some 3k people showed up for only 300 job postings/openings... Good luck!
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    I just recently got a job offer and it's true that the lady job fair had 3000 applicants for 200 jobs throughout the hospital (not just nursing jobs). I'm on Oahu so unsure about Kona. Every time I've gotten a call about a job for which I've spied, they've asked me if I'm physically on the island. There are too many nurses and not enough jobs so they can be picky about it. It will be hard to find a job in any specialty where you don't have experience. They were open about many new grad RNs working as unit secretaries.
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    I'm pretty sure things would be especially hard in Kona, since it's such a small Hospital and probably not much turnover. As others have stated even here on Oahu, the job market for RN's is pretty saturated right now!!! If you have 5+ years experience in a very specilized area my might be lucky enough to land part time or call in work.
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    Thanks for the honesty. I guess I will just keep applying and find work where I can.
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    Any luck finding a job in or around Kona? I'm planning to relocate next August (2015) to Hilo.
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    Hilo Medical Center just downsized I believe so it's going to be tough.

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