When would be teh right time to apply for the Navy Nurse candidate program?

  1. I'm only in first year of pre-nursing but everyone says I need to apply asap. When is the earliest I should apply and when should I start speaking to a recruiter? Let me give some info about the univeristy deadlines I'll have when transfering from my community college. Basically I will be able to apply to this nursing program in january 2014(after my grades from 1st semester sophomore year are in). If accepted I will begin nursing school in fall 2014. So when should I begin speaking with a recruiter, when can I/should I be able to start the application process? How long does the process usually take? What are my chances with getting in with 3.8 GPA and volunteer work at hospital(don't know if volunteering will help). What will boost my chances the most(besides GPA). Thanks! And any other info would help!
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  3. by   breezee9
    You can start talking to a recruiter at anytime, but you can't start the application process for the NCP until you have received a letter stating you have been accepted into an accredited nursing school. The process can take anywhere from a few months to a year. It all depends on you and how quickly you want to finish your kit and how organized your recruiter is. The more you show that you are really interested in doing the NCP and are dedicated, the more inclined they are to help you move it along. I started talking to my recruiter in late March/early April once I got my letter and finished my kit by early August. You will need recommendation letters from professors so make sure you make the initiative to make a good relationship with a few of them now. Your GPA is really good and any work relating to health care, even volunteering will look good on your resume. Key thing to remember is that you are trying to show the Navy why they need you/have to have you. It isn't about what the Navy can do for you, but what you can do for the Navy first as an officer and then as a nurse. If you have anymore specific questions regarding the application let me know, like I said I just submitted my kit in August and waiting for the boards to meet sometime this month.
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    Thank you breezee9. Do you know how many slots a year there are? And does the board only meet in October or throughout the year?
  5. by   breezee9
    I really don't know how many slots are offered per fiscal year but it always depends on what the Navy needs, but all the branches are going through cutbacks at the moment. As far as boards, I believe they used to meet almost monthly but they are cutting that down as well. I think they are only meeting a few times each year now. But these are two good questions to ask a recruiter as well.
  6. by   leekun2010
    best time is to apply now at beginning of fiscal yr 2013 coz that means there's funds to go around unlike the end of fiscal year