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    What states do you guys think are the best VA's and the highest paying?

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    Quote from traceydenise
    What states do you guys think are the best VA's and the highest paying?
    Which state are you currently in??
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    Virginia. I'm about to get my masters and I'm unsure of which direction to go. I've been critical care all my life. what is the most lucrative position did a message to be nurse can hold? any suggestions please. I'm in the VA system and don't wish to leave.
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    I guess it depends on if you want to see patients as a provider or not. I'm with VA too and I'm starting on my masters with emphasis in informatics.
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    do you think informatics is more lucrative in education or administrative.
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    which VA are you at?
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    I guess it depends on what your most interested in. I think informatics can be very lucrative. A few of the informatic nurses within the VA here in St. Louis only have their BSN and make a pretty penny without their masters. I'm currently at a CBOC ( clinic) in the VA in St. Louis, MO.
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    I'm at the VA in salem virginia. in my program I have a choice between education informatics administration. I'm going to do a dual. Education and something else. What is a pretty penny 6 figures?
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    Very close to it! I can only imagine having a masters in it and being started off with a nice salary with room for growth
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    Thank you. Good advice. I will definitely look into informatics.I did not realize it was that lucrative.

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