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  1. Hello!

    I'm going to BOLC in a couple of weeks, and all of the information about who pays what and when is so confusing! I've talked to the transportation and I have paperwork from them where I estimated I will have about 500lbs of stuff that I'm bringing (just a car full). She said to write down everything I spend on packing and stuff, but I don't really need anything to pack because I already have boxes from college. The only thing I can think to write on these papers are the total that I spend on gas. This amount generated a couple of hundred dollars, but I feel like I'm going to spend much more than that along the way.

    Then there is also the 90 day temporary storage. She says that doesn't go through them, just pick a storage when I get down to San Antonio and give to transportation down there (I think).

    And then there is the questions of hotels. Who do I give the receipts to for that?

    People are always mentioning how when they do PPM or DITY moves that they end up making a few extra bucks, but I feel like that's not going to be the case with me.

    Is there anything else I'm supposed to be considering that I didn't list here? Sorry for being so ridiculous haha.

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  3. by   LLLovely
    You will need weight tickets. There is a checklist available at Transportation about documentation you will need when you file a travel voucher so that you will get paid for everything you are entitled to.

    Weight tickets must be done by a certified weigh master, one full (car plus your 500lbs of stuff) and one empty (just the car). You will need to keep any hotel receipts. For the most part, other receipts are not necessary, but really, you need to get a full brief at transportation for your stuff and at finance for yourself as the traveler.

    It's okay to mention that you are new to this and really don't know what you are supposed to do. Ask them to walk you through it step-by-step. They get paid for that.