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Tattoos - after you're already in the NCP - page 2

Hello all, I was wondering if anyone knew the policy of what you do after you're already in the NCP if you want to get a tattoo. I already have one on my back that was approved, but I've been... Read More

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    Honestly, I didn't ask. I wanted them, knew they wouldn't be offensive, put them in locations that were approved and figured it was better to ask forgiveness than ask permission. That goes for all three, including the one I got while I was in training.
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    I have a tattoo that I to take a picture of and submit to the NCP board. My recruiter also made me sign a form stating that I will not get any tattoos during or after the selection process. She said the Navy is getting really strict on tattoos and does not look favorably upon them. If I were you, I wouldn't get one...and if I did, I'd do it where no one could see it.

    I was in the Navy for 7+ years before I started nursing school, and they were getting pretty serious about tattoos toward the the point of kicking people out over them. Tattoos on the hands, arms, and necks are considered unprofessional nowadays. Just fyi.
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    *hands, arms, and neck* (not necks...unless you have more than one neck)
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    Did you have to sign the "I will not get any tattoos while awaiting commissioning" paper? I ask because I was in the middle of finishing my sleeve and I got picked up for NCP and I want to finish it without losing my opportunity in the military. Is anyone going to notice? How would they notice?
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    Getting a tattoo after you've signed a contract stating you wouldn't is a BAD IDEA. In the military we call that "disobeying a direct order". Getting caught could result in you being kicked out of the program and having to pay back any money they gave you. And yes, if they wanted to, they could find out if you got more ink done...I know I had to submit a photo of my tattoo, so they have a record of what it looks like.
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    I am in the process of trying to get into NCP and I also had to sign papers stating that I will not get any tattoos. There are many people that may get them once they are already in but I would tread lightly. Being prior service, I know that once you sign anything that you can be held to honor that contract to the letter. My recruiter takes pictures of tattoos so they can be approved. It would not be too hard for them to prove that you have added tattoos.