Starting the VA Tomorrow!!!

  1. 0 I start the VA tomorrow. I am so excited about this opportunity!!!! I hope it's as good as everyone says!!!!
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    Hi! I was wondering how it's going so far for you? Do you like it so far?

    I have an interview this coming Wednesday for the Murfreesboro VA, on 1B, so I'm really interested to see how a new grad is liking it (I'm a new grad too).
    I'm trying to decide whether or not to leave my current job (I've been working at a Psych hospital for 2 months) to go work for the VA, so I'd love to hear how it is!
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    Hello, I work at the Murfreesboro Va.... I used to work on 1A but now I work in the telephone care call center..... I love it! 1B is hospice/palliative care.... I never worked up there but I did meet a couple of nurses from that floor and they seemed to like it..... Good luck! The benefits are great! You will accumulate 5 weeks of vacation a year as well as 2.5 weeks of sick leave a year....
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    Also the interview questions are performances based questions.... Are you familiar with these type questions?
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    Yes, I went to that career fair they had in July so I had to answer those questions then (which threw me for a loop because I was not prepared for that! Lol. But apparently I did well because they wanted to hire me then, but unfortunately I hadn't passed nclex yet so they couldn't!)

    Glad to hear you like it! I guess I am going to go to the interview & feel it out!
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    Good luck! I don't see why they would have to interview you again.... That really sucks!

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