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I recently was sworn into the USAR as 1Lt. I am in the STRAP program for CRNAs and was supposed to get my first stipend payment this week. Well, I didn't. My recruiter contacted the payroll office and was told that it was... Read More

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    Okay guys, I know everyone is trying to help, but I'm new to the USAR and this whole conversation has me completely confused. Could someone explain to me what this whole 'new law' thing means? I spoke with a Major in the NAAD (nameless for a reason) and was told that this new law took affect July 1st and I was commissioned on June 28th, so it had nothing to do with me. She apologized that I hadn't received the stipend and promised that it had been signed that day and sent to San Antonio. That makes me think that somewhere or somehow my paperwork never quite made it to where it was supposed to be when it should have. At this point, I don't care as long as I get paid, but I'm still confused.
    Always cover yourself by asking for the regulation number and source of the current information. I used was prior enlisted and learned some things the hard way. I LOVE being in the Army and serving my country, the problems arise because it is such a big organization and things get "shuffled" around and sometimes lost.

    1) Keep all copies of your important documents at least 7 years (even if they are posted electronically).
    2) Keep a log of personnel visits, including name of person(s) who serviced you.
    3) When in doubt ask for the regulation type and number (i.e. DA "number", DOD "number").
    4) If you have heard nothing about a personnel action within 10-15 business days, call again and inquire or contact your Commander or local personnel representative to inquire.
    5) Being a Reservist, you must keep quality records. I have been Active Duty for nearly 14 years and also had 8 years of reserve time and things get lost for whatever reason.


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