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  1. 0 I was just wondering what level security clearance navy (or other branches assuming it's the same) nurses need to have. Thank you in advance!
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    All commissioned US Military Officers (which military RNs are) must be able to obtain a secret clearance. This is a general requirement, though specific jobs may require a higher clearance.
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    My security clearance was approved. I was little worried since I had a bankruptcy in my records.
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    Staugnurse i was wondering if your were already in the navy now, if not when did you get your clearance it was my understanding that takes alot longer, or did you mean your background check, the check that took ur fingerprints.
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    I've never been in the Navy. My recruiter submitted the info for clearance in June. I spoke to her today and she said security clearance was approved not background check. My credentials was done and approved end of June.
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    Awesome so that was pretty fast. That is great news, wife was worried it would take up to like 8 months lol.

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