Reserves and Pursuing Education in Nursing

  1. Hello. I am currently attending a community college taking pre-requisites before qualifying for the Nursing Program. I am considering joining the Reserves, whether it be Navy, Air Force, etc. for the experience and with the hope that it will help me achieve my goal of becoming a nurse. I know that if I entered with a Nursing Degree/License I would enter as an officer. What I am wondering is whether it would be beneficial for me to enter prior to completing a degree and go to school while in the reserves. Of course I am hoping that I would qualify for some tuition reimbursement or help while in the reserves. Another concern of mine is that the schools in my area that have nursing programs have more candidates than available seats so I may potentially be put on a waiting list and unable to actually enter the program for a couple of years. Any advice?
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  3. by   leekun2010
    its better if you finish your schooling and get your nurse license before you enter the military