Probably swearing in tomorrow ... but are there any National Guard nurses on here?

  1. I go to MEPS tomorrow for my physical/security interview and if it all checks out (which it should), I am expecting to swear in. I understand I will be an E-4 with a MOS of 09S (officer candidate). I expect to go to basic shortly after graduation from my nursing program and then OCS. We don't get our officer jobs until sometime in OCS.

    Given the economy and my status as a new grad at that point, I don't fully expect to become a nurse officer but I will take whatever officer slot they give me (while working a civilian nursing job). Joining the Guard is strictly about service and not exactly about getting nursing experience.

    Before I take the plunge tomorrow, I was wondering if there are any Guard nurses on here who have gone through this process before? From what I read, the process for Guard nurses is very different from AD and Reserve nurses since they are direct commissions and they go directly through BOLC, no basic or OCS for them (lucky...?).

    Thanks for reading. I appreciate any advice!
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  3. by   Mamakellyd
    I am watching this thread b/c I am thinking about joining myself. Can't wait to see what the responses are.
  4. by   Enthused RN
    So I didn't swear in yesterday because I need to clear something up with my credit history. Hopefully that gets resolved soon but I would like to hear from any Guard nurses on their experiences. Thank you in advance!